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In this section, the submitted reports on completed, repairs, installations of large-format equipment for printing. There are interesting, informative, and funny stories, travel related to professional activities of engineers. Presents some tips that will help everyone properly implement the basic steps to keeping your printer up and running. Carry out basic repairs, parts printer gives basic advice on how to detect and correct failures in large-format printers. Hopefully, it will be useful for you.

Solvent Filters. How often do they have to be replaced and why. (04.07.2012)

How often do they have to be replaced and why? Which kinds of ink exist? You can read about it here.

Dust around printing image. (01.04.2012)

Dust, spray around printing image. Ink hales were visible, as well as dust clouds around the image. Competent people call it - heads raise dust. More about this problem you can read blow.

Large format printer maintenance. Image banding while printing (23.03.2012)

Banding problem. Hear some informations for solve this problem

Unstable operation of print heads. (14.03.2012)

In this article I wrote about unstable operation of print heads. Where can it lead and gave general advice on how to maintain wide-screen machinery.

About ink. Influence of ink on business (11.03.2012)

Once, good people bought a wide-screen solvent plotter for interior printing. In the town, where they created a company, they were the only owner of a wide-screen printer of 3.2 meters, with interior quality of printing.

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