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Section is created for all those involved in "production" of advertising. Leave your interesting stories of the occurrence of the installation of the challenges faced in the repair of the interesting situations arise with your equipment. Stories reinforces photos.

Roland service mode, Seiko maintenance password, Hp maintenance mode, Mimaki Service menu. (10.09.2013)

Roland service mode password for next model: Roland SP300, SP 300V, SP540, SP 540V, SC540, SC540EX;
Seiko Color Painter 64S, 100S Maintenance password
HP 8000S, 9000S, 1000S Maintenance password
Mimaki JV3-160 Maintenance mode

Main Board Repair Services (12.04.2013)

We can repair the next Board:
Roland, Agfa, Seiko ColorPainter, Mutoh, Infiniti, Leopard,
Mimaki, Oce, Teckwin, Witcolor, JHF...

Primer for UV printing (23.01.2013)

Primer for UV printing is one of the integral parts when working with UV equipment. UV primer improves the adhesion of the ink allows us to achieve a more stable image on a different of surfaces.

COLOR PROFILE (24.02.2012)

Color profile and color profiling, this is one of the important topics in the wide-format printing industry. After all, without the built quality profile, do not get a quality product.

Roland error code, meaning, contents, cause, action (17.02.2012)

In this review, are common errors of printers Roland. We consider the following issues: Roland FJ-600 (Micolor SJ-160 ) - internal error 00000008, Roland HI-FI jet pro fj - 600 internal error 1240268, Roland FJ 600 hi-fi jet pro - Roland FJ - ???, Roland ST-600, Roland FJ-600, Roland HI FI 600 - MOTOR ERROR TURN OFF POWER, ZEONJET ST-600.- UNRECOVERABLE LIMIT ERROR - error 0000016, Roland sc 540 - motor error code:0010 0010, Roland 645 - motor error 0107

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